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“The Things We’ve Been Afraid to Say” With Mike From Tenth Avenue North

There are certain topics that have long been taboo inside of Christianity, even though they are things that we should be addressing. That’s why Tenth Avenue North released their album The Things We’ve Been Afraid To Say where they tackle the difficult and even awkward subjects with brutal honesty. Mike Donehey from Tenth Ave. joined us to dive deeper into the songs and explain that even though their lyrics might seem shocking, they’re meant to… … Continue reading

Should Christian Radio be a “Set It and Forget It” Safe Place?

I am sure you have heard Christian radio stations who have slogans like, “safe for the whole family” or “safe for the little ears,” but is safety truly what we should aspire to as a ministry? This comment was posed by someone after hearing our Hot Mess segment with our Biblical counselor, John Murphy from Rock House Center who was helping a woman whose marriage was being destroyed by pornography. Trent: I’ve really enjoyed the morning… … Continue reading

The Wally Show is Helping Porn Addicts.

Hi Wally, I’m 21 years old and I listen to the Wally Show Podcast all the way from California. After reading the subject line of this e-mail, you’re probably wondering how The Wally Show can help a Porn Addict. Well, the truth is, you guys have. And here’s the story of how: My husband and I have been married for almost two years. About 5 months ago, I found out my husband had been living… … Continue reading