Yearning for the Undeniable God

A text to my radio show: I’m trying to hear God’s voice.  I’m trying to listen.  I’ve read that God is always speaking.  I want something that isn’t a whimper. Something personal. Something I cannot deny or doubt. Everything I believe says God wants the same thing. So what is the problem? I wish I knew your name. And I wish I knew your name because… my response would sound so much better. Bad news… … Continue reading

Danger: Here are the Writings of a Crazy Man

I’m going to write this post in ten minutes. It’s going to sound crazy. Be forewarned. And I’m disabling comments because I don’t want to have a big race argument. (Although, I must, say, I’m really pleased on the whole with how kind people generally are in the comments on this blog toward one another. I just know how posts like this can attract the opposite.)   Here’s where I bring the crazy: If you… … Continue reading