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Joy Shares the Scariest Moment of Her Labor Story

Having a baby is a scary experience for any new mom. For Joy, who already deals with anxiety, it was a particularly nerve-racking day. Things did not go as planned when she gave birth to her son just a few months ago. She wanted to share the crazy story with you and why she is so glad her son was delivered safely.     … Continue reading

Watch Hillary Scott Tell Her Daughter She’s Pregnant with TWINS!

God does answer prayers – often in ways we least expect it! Hillary Scott, singer of “Thy Will” knows that firsthand! Hillary has been very open about the pain of a past miscarriage. That’s why the song “They Will” is so personal for her. In a Facebook post over the weekend, she and her husband shared that they are pregnant with twins! Here’s what she said: “God has answered our family’s countless prayers! Our family… … Continue reading

Dear Pregnant Woman, Be Kind to Yourself.

Dear Pregnant Woman, I see you next to me at the store, at the office, and walking down the street. I can see the stress across your face and in your hunched shoulders. I can see the exhaustion hiding in the circles under your eyes. How I wish I could hug you and tell you to relax and just enjoy this time, these nine months of everything changing. I promise you that they may seem… … Continue reading