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Zach Williams Goes to Prison

Zach Williams recently worked on a really cool project, where he performed his songs for a group of prisoners at Harding Prison in Nashville. He joined us to talk about that experience–plus Wally got choked up while sharing a letter from his brother who is currently in prison. The videos of these men in prison worshipping along to songs like “Chain Breaker,” “Fear is a Liar,” and “Survivor” are incredibly moving. Check out a little… … Continue reading

What a call from prison taught me about comfort

I know this isn’t going to put me in the best light, but before you judge me hear me out on this. Some of you know my brother is in jail. He called me the other day. I see it come up on my phone and I feel so bad because I almost screened him. I just wasn’t emotionally in a place to have a conversation. I didn’t though and I’m thankful I didn’t. I… … Continue reading