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What Kind of Small Group Member are You?

Every small group is full of people doing life together, but we all do life a little bit differently. We fessed up with each of our own “roles” in our small groups and took some of yours as well. What kind of small group member are you? Click on each card to see the definition! … Continue reading

Which Iconic Christmas Movie Character Are You?

Christmas movies are great because we see ourselves in so many of the iconic characters. Maybe you’re like Joy and when you see Buddy the Elf, you see a little bit of yourself inside there or maybe you’re more like CJ who has been compared to Clark Griswold! Take this simple quiz to see who you relate with the most! … Continue reading

What Your Apps Say About You

UPDATE: We revealed which phone screens belong to the members of the show. Find out if you guessed correctly: Is it possible to guess someone’s age, gender and marital status based solely on the apps they use? We found this quiz that claimed it could and each took it. (Take the quiz for yourself.) Here are our results: Wally: Over 32 year old married female Bekah: Over 32 year old married female Betty: Over 32 year old… … Continue reading

How Millennial Are You?

Whether you were born in 1955 or 2005, all of us have a little Millennial in us. Find out how much of a Millennial you are with this easy quiz. (If the embed below doesn’t work for you, trying rotating your phone sideways or take the quiz here.) What score did you get? Let us know in the comments.     Photo by Nasos Zovoilis     … Continue reading