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Addressing Racial Bias with Carlos Whittaker

When author and speaker Carlos Whittaker witnessed his neighbor take a black can of paint to a white bunny in his front yard, it led to a beautiful moment and a conversation on racial bias. He talked about that viral video, how we as the Church should address the current movement, and hope for the future. Carlos’s book “Enter Wild” is available now! … Continue reading

The Most Refreshing Conversation on Race You’ll Hear All Day

Brant and Sherri have worked together for years now. In their recent podcast, they had an honest and truly helpful conversation about race, Charlottesville, and striving for unity and relationship. Sherri shares personal stories that shape her struggles, Brant shares what he wishes the church would do in light of racism in the news and in our country, and they offer some really helpful answers from two unique perspectives. Here is just a small excerpt:… … Continue reading

If You Haven’t Seen This Powerful New Video from tobyMac, Watch It Now!

It’s no secret. Today’s headlines are disheartening, the cultural climate is tense, but tobyMac has created an amazing response. His “Love Broke Thru” video holds a message of compassion and truth. tobyMac “was hoping & praying that it would turn eyes to the King, our only hope.” Watch it for yourself right here.   So grateful for the reaction to this video, was hoping & praying that it would turn eyes to the King, our only hope.… … Continue reading

3 Things MLK taught a White Guy in His 20’s

I am a white, middle-class male who has almost always lived in the suburbs. I have never experienced any real prejudice or discrimination. I have never lost a job, been sneered at, or called a name because of race. Racism and social injustice were issues of the past to me; I had never seen or experienced them, so I assumed no one else had either. It would have been very easy for me to keep… … Continue reading