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John Crist is Off the Market (and Rapping?)

John Crist, the George Clooney of Christian comedy, is off the market. It came to our attention that John has a new girlfriend, country star Lauren Alaina.  There is no way we could have him in and not discuss this! So now that John has conquered stand up comedy, he has set his sights on the rap game. Check out John Crist’s new rap song “Check Your Heart” featuring DJ Mykael V, nobigdyl., & 1K… … Continue reading

Capital Kings Announces a New Member and an Awesome Music Video

Earlier this year original member John White left the band Capital Kings to pursue new efforts on his own leaving Cole Walowac solo… until now. Dylan Housewright has joined Capital Kings to breathe new life into the Pop/EDM group from Gotee Records. Their first track is this heavy hitting dance track with Florida rapper Reconcile called “I Can’t Quit.”  If your day needs a boost, this will give you the lift you’re looking for!  … … Continue reading

Watch NF Debunk Every Lie About Happiness You’ve Ever Heard

If you like rap and are into Lecrae’s music, then hold on to your hats. You’re going to love NF! He’s relatively new to the music scene, but his music already packs a punch. Words fly out of his mouth with perfect rhythm, but they hold much more than just talent. His website tells us that 23-year-old Nate Feuerstein, now known as artist NF, “draws from real life struggles, including being abused as a kid,… … Continue reading

Chris August Loves Discounts More Than You Do

We know WAY FM artists like to have fun, but Chris August takes it to the next level. Check out his new rap video called, “The Discount Song.” It might remind you of Chris’s “Candy Rap.” He left one small comment on his Facebook page saying, “You know me, just writing songs from my heart…” but otherwise, this video speaks for itself. … Continue reading