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Are You Beautiful or Average?

Joy here and this is a question that all women have asked themselves. In fact, I used to ponder this question several times a day! What would your response be? Not what category would society put you in, what category would you choose for yourself? The obvious answer would be BEAUTIFUL, but so many women in Dove’s new video experiment chose to qualifies themselves as AVERAGE. WHY do we do this to OURSELVES?! I am… … Continue reading

Are You Beautiful?

Every woman asks themselves the question, “Am I beautiful?” If you are me, then you ask it several times a day! We desire beauty, but our definition of beauty is constantly changing. Every commercial we see is selling us a new product that will make us “beautiful.” The world around us feeds into our insecurities by continually telling us we are not enough and not beautiful without whatever they have to offer. But deep down… … Continue reading