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How to Overcome Your Inner Valentine’s Grinch

“Do you want to come over and make valentines?” I had to read my friend’s message twice to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Sure enough, though, she was inviting another friend and me to her house for a card-making party. I was almost thirty years old . . . surely too old for cutting out paper hearts. And I certainly wasn’t the crafty type. But then there was the biggest issue: I didn’t have… … Continue reading

The 7 Things Men Hate About Living With Women

Sharing space with any woman comes with its own unique set of challenges. Men and Women think very differently about home decor, accommodations, fashion, even the foods we eat. So today, when Joy broke out the “Shimmer Dusting Powder” (its basically a hand grenade filled with glitter) I immediately felt sorry for any man who’s wife has ever purchased that thing. Joy’s been leaving a trail all around the station because of her glitter grenade!… … Continue reading

6 Words To NEVER Call Your Man

Yesterday, the ladies chimed in with their list of words to NEVER use when describing them…words like: Hormonal Diva Drama Queen High Maintenance Motherly Princess Today, we’ve got the words to NEVER use when describing your man! Since we never want to be called… Cute : Puppies are cute. Babies are cute. Men are MANLY. Sweet : We can be sweet, we can do sweet things, but don’t call us sweet. Boring : If you’re feeling like we… … Continue reading

What’s One Thing You Do to Protect Your Marriage? | Mike from Tenth Avenue North

When Mike Donehey was in college, he learned an important and somewhat humorous lesson about relationships. Now, his marriage is so important to him, he finds practical ways to protect it. He shares his stories in this video.   Mike says, “I didn’t know I was dating girl in college, because I thought we were just friends. I kept asking, ‘We’re just friends, right?’ … And everyone else was like, ‘You guys are like, boyfriend… … Continue reading

5 Reasons We Need Deep Relationships, Not Superficial Communities

A few months ago, my daughter, Caroline, curled up next to me on the couch after a day of school that had left her tired and frustrated. She began to tell me how she just wasn’t sure who was a real friend. We talked through it, and I wiped her tears as she let out a big sigh, saying, “I just don’t have a best friend yet.” And it made me want to cry because… … Continue reading

3 Arts That Will Help You Bring Up Conversations About Jesus

For a number of years during my commute to work, I would enter the highway at the same toll ramp almost every day. I would impatiently wait in the line of cars, wanting to get through the tollbooth as quickly as possible. As I waited to pay, I would see an anonymous hand reach out of the booth and go back in, then repeat this mechanical motion for each vehicle. Most commuters did not even… … Continue reading

Does Michael Tait Have Any Regrets About Being Single?

The short answer is, “Yes.” But the reasons why he thinks he’s still single are even more interesting and show us something important about relationships: “Being single is not a choice for me… This is deep. I actually haven’t said this much on film, guys, so appreciate this. My one regret in life when I look back – I probably would have gotten married earlier. Gotten married period. And had some kids… I think I would have… … Continue reading

Help your marriage… kill your phone

Technology. It’s a term that can invoke many different feelings and attitudes in us that range from outstanding hope to miserable disgust and everything in between. It seems as though technology, while important and helpful, has wormed it’s way into every facet of our lives. In the 50’s, a computer that could do little more than simple algebra fit comfortably inside a space no smaller than a warehouse and now, we have super computers that… … Continue reading

Is there such a thing as “The One”

I don’t think so. As a guy who has been married, lost at love, and is trying again to let go and let God…the idea of “the one” doesn’t seem to fit me any more. What if because of my life’s decisions (or theirs) I’ve missed out on my “One”? What now? What if God doesn’t have one particular person you’re supposed to marry? What if there are many different men or women with whom… … Continue reading