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What I Learned About God From HGTV Stars

Recently I got a new perspective on wanting to be relevant when it came to my faith from the Benham Brothers. The Benham Brothers, David and Jason, are identical twins brothers who played Major League Baseball and they were the hosts of Flip it Forward with HGTV. They lost their TV show because of how they were painted in the media by liberal activists groups who did not like their conservative stance for God and… … Continue reading

My Minimalist Life

Living minimal isn’t for everyone. Its not for people who like lots of stuff, have lots of stuff or feel the need to get more and more stuff. Its just for people who realize that having more “stuff” doesn’t make you a better person, or a cooler person, it just makes you a person with more stuff than someone else. But having lots of stuff shouldn’t define you and when I realized that, my minimalist… … Continue reading