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The We Are Messengers/Lil Jon Remix You Didn’t Know You Needed

Betty Rock does some of the world’s best impersonations (according to her), so we decided to use her Lil Jon impression to jazz up the We Are Messengers song “Maybe It’s Ok.” Darren could barely hold it together enough to sing along. Darren also talked about taking the hope of songs like “Maybe It’s Ok” to every human by performing in non-traditional venues while on tour. Plus, he covers a serious topic that touches Wally’s… … Continue reading

TobyMac Gets Caught Wearing a Cheesehead Backstage

TobyMac clearly likes to have fun and mix things up! Toby’s new video puts you behind the scenes during one of his iconic live shows. He’s seen dancing like there’s no tomorrow, goofing off with the members of Diverse City, and, yes, wearing a cheesehead backstage before the show. Plus, the video features the Moodswing Remix of “Beyond Me,” so it’s a little something different. Do you like the change-up? (He wears the cheesehead at 0:17… … Continue reading

Here’s a Quick and Easy Way to Put a Smile on Your Face

Just watch this video of Britt Nicole’s daughter, Ella, dancing to her new Remix album.   She’s got moves!! haha Britt says, “Ella’s favorite song on the new record is Holiday! One because she loves the beat, two because her dada produced it! smile emoticon My Princess can dance!” You got us, Britt. We’re smiling. 🙂 Britt posted this as the first in video contest series that you could win! The prize a chance to… … Continue reading

More Than One Exciting Announcement from Britt Nicole

Britt Nicole announced two exciting changes in her life this month! First, she welcomed her brand new baby boy, Adin Jerusalem into the world! He was born on February 8th at 4:33 am. So excited to announce the birth of our beautiful son! 🙂 born at 4:33 this morning and weighing 8 pounds! 🙂 he’s my lil hero! I love him soooo much!!!! A photo posted by Britt Nicole (@itsbrittnicole) on Feb 8, 2015 at… … Continue reading

Yes, You Can Learn Zumba in 5 Minutes with Wally and Mandisa

Not only does Mandisa show you a full Zumba routine to the “Good Morning” song in this video, but she even talked Wally into trying it! And trust us – if Wally can Zumba like this, you’ll have no problem!   Mandisa loves sharing her Zumba workouts and fitness inspiration with friends. In fact, she just announced there’s more Zumba to come with her new remix album! Post by Mandisa. … Continue reading