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Hometown Hero – An Incredible Rescue

Our Hometown Heroes are normal people that have gone above and beyond to impact the lives of others. This month, our hero’s actions saved a life. Here is part of the nomination we received from Anita: I want to enter Branden as a Hometown Hero. He heard my friend’s car accident and went to help. Below is an excerpt from my friend’s husband’s caring bridge post: My daughter Elia remembers the crash in vivid detail.… … Continue reading

Christmas? No Thanks…

It’s here again. The season of twinkling lights and cheer for all. However, this year I’m not in the “Christmas spirit.” I literally said today that I am ready for Christmas to be over. Before you decide that I hate the baby Jesus and mail me 5,000 candy canes, hear me out. This is the busiest time of the ENTIRE YEAR! From finding time to buy gifts to working extra hard to take vacation to… … Continue reading