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…And the greatest of these is HATE?

So here is an email I got regarding the death of Robin Williams. I will be honest it shocked me. “This morning on the show you talked about Robin Williams like he was such a great guy. In reality he was a vulgar comedian who was also a bisexual. How about admiring some of the great men and women of faith. I have no respect or admiration for those in worldly entertainment. I am done… … Continue reading

Depression is More Common Than You Think…

Joy here and after hearing about the loss of Robin Williams, I was shocked to find out that he dealt with depression for years. This man who brought so much laughter and joy to my life struggled to find it in his own. Depression was something that I never fully understood until I experienced it this year. I am in a season of depression. It’s hard to even type out, but it’s true. Depression is… … Continue reading

Remembering Robin Williams

I think it’s really sad for comedians cause they spend a lot of time tortured and they’re supposed to be funny and everything’s supposed to be a joke and supposed to be fine. But most of them, deep down inside, they’re a mess. And that’s kind of me. I’ve always feared getting happy, because the comedy comes from the pain. But then I did start to get happy cause God changed me. I wish Robin… … Continue reading

WAY-FM Artists Respond to the Loss of Robin Williams

Millions of people are saddened by the loss of comedian, Robin Williams, today. He brought so much joy to so many people. A lot of us in the WAY-FM family are responding to this loss by praying for his family, celebrating Robin’s life, and listening to what God can teach us even through such a tragedy. I’m really hoping it’s a rumor… #riprobinwilliams… — Jamie Grace (@jamiegraceh) August 11, 2014 It’s speculated that Robin… … Continue reading