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Look at What You’ve Done This Week

You changed the world this week. Through your generosity, now more than 20 schools in Africa (currently 27 and counting) will have water wells and new latrines. We talked with Blood:Water founder Dan Haseltine about what this means for these children.   Learn more about how you can help us build more wells at schools across Africa with Blood:Water! … Continue reading

See the Faces That Will Stay with Wally Forever

Before coming to Rwanda with Blood Water I was already worrying about what was I going to say to properly convey the need here. Words seem incredibly inadequate. That is why I am glad for pictures.  Yes, there is incredible hardship, that is why we are here. However, there is joy amongst the struggle and the story of that joy is told on the smiling faces of these amazing people. What is really interesting is… … Continue reading

One Less Thing for Mom and Dad to Worry About

Every parent worries.  It comes with the job. I remember my parents giving us lectures on stranger danger and other things that could go wrong when we weren’t in their care. At the time, I thought they were crazy, but now, I completely get it and even start to panic when I think about trying to keep my future kids safe someday.  A stretched-thin Mama The mothers and fathers in Rwanda worry, too, but their worries… … Continue reading

Why is This Little Girl Laughing at Wally?

If Wally had to sum up his day in Africa using song titles, here’s what he would have to say! Walk Like a Rwandan That would definitely be the theme song for today as we got a little taste of what it is like to walk down the incredibly steep hills, that even mountain goats think people are crazy to use, to get water. Walking 2 hours for water is a way of life in… … Continue reading