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How To Make Sure Your Child Is Safe On The Road With These Tips

As I put every ounce of my weight on the car seat – pushing and pulling – sweating in the noonday sun I determined installing a car seat was impossible. My knees were banged up, my blood was rising, and I had reached the end of my patience. Thankfully my lovely, even-headed wife took over and at least got the seat secured in the car…that’s when we learned about the local police department’s car seat… … Continue reading

Live Service Out and Keep Kids Safe!

Summer is finally here and that means the kids are free from school and looking to get into trouble fun! While summer is all about fun it’s also about staying safe! Between bug bites, bumps and bruises from bike falls, and staying safe in the pool or beach it can be tough to keep our kids safe! That’s why the Capital Area Red Cross is holding a Summer Fun Kid’s Day on June 20th! They’ll… … Continue reading