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5 Home Items to Turn Your Casa Into a Castle

Joy here and life is hard so you’ve got to find the things that bring you joy! After just moving into my first house, I’ve found a few things that have truly made it feel like HOME and I simply had to share them with you! Comment below and share your favorite home items .   Home Edit Organizer  It’s so tough to see everything in your kitchen cabinets and especially in your pantry. These… … Continue reading

32 Thoughts Everyone Has Trying To Find The Perfect Gift

Why is this store so crowded? It’s because I waited too long to do my Christmas shopping. Why did I do that? I told myself I would get all my shopping done earlier this year. That didn’t happen. Who do I have to buy gifts for again? How much money do I have in my bank account? This candle is perfect for my sister. Wait. Actually, that candle over there is perfect for my sister.… … Continue reading