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Top 5 Songs That Will Make You STOP What You’re Doing and Listen

Every now and then a song comes on the radio that makes you stop, sit in your car and just listen till it ends. Why do those songs always start when you’re 30 seconds from pulling into the driveway?! Carlos here and I had one of those experiences recently when I heard the new Adele song “Hello” on the local pop station. The way she sang it, the words she used to write it, it… … Continue reading

for King & Country Shows Up in the Most Unexpected and Cool Places

They rocked it as guests on Jimmy Kimmel and The Today Show, but for King & Country isn’t stopping there. The band recently announced two more exciting and out-of-the-box opportunities that could potentially grow their audience and, in turn, their amazing message. for King & Country was featured in People Magazine sharing incredible stories behind the song “Shoulders” and how people have responded so powerfully. The brothers told People, “One, a war veteran, who shared… … Continue reading

for King & Country’s Very Personal Music Video Brought Fans to Tears

The Brand new music video from for King & Country is a little bit different. Brothers Joel and Luke dig deep and get personal to communicate the experiences and emotions which led to the writing of their song, “Shoulders.”   The video just released today (March 20th), but fans are already responding with encouraging words to the guys. This video has clearly touched them. One of the many Facebook comments read: “Made me tear up…… … Continue reading

I’m too ________ to trust God.

At church we were talking about what gets in the way of us truly trusting God. “I’m too _______ to trust God.” What is your blank? We asked you on Facebook how you’d fill in the blank. Here’s a word cloud from the responses.   [wdca_ad ] for King & Country’s latest song is a great statement of trusting God.   … Continue reading