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Rawr: A Note to Moms of Boys

“ “Few mothers do it willingly; very few do it well. But the boy has a question that needs an answer, and he cannot get the answer from his mother. Femininity can never bestow masculinity.” – John Eldredge Ouch. That hurts. But it’s true. For most boys it happens in their teenage years, Eldredge explains in “Wild at Heart.” Sometimes it gets ugly. A teenage boy pushing away from the comfort of mom will often… … Continue reading

Be The Gift Nominations

In this time of uncertainty and great need, we have the chance to bless single mothers. We can use your help in nominating a single mom homeowner that you know and care about that needs some help around her home. Be The Gift will choose moms from Northern Colorado, the Denver Metro, and Colorado Springs to fix up their homes and ensure that they have a safe and livable space for themselves and their kids. … Continue reading