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The Way You Sleep Says More About You Than You Realize

The way to sleep can actually reveal things about your personality! Comment and tell us if your sleep position gets your personality right! The Fetal Position This is the protection sleeping position, typical for how babies are positioned in the womb and is actually how most people sleep. It says you are ready to take on the world when you wake up. These sleepers are typically introverted and like to protect themselves emotional. They are… … Continue reading

Did You Know Sleeping Can Teach Us Important Stuff About God?

Something to think about, maybe, before falling asleep tonight: I love God’s sense of humor. We humans get proud. All of us. We tend to think we’re the captain of our own ships. We are the Masters of Our Destinies! We are in control! We know what we’re doing! We’re… we’re… …really tired and need to lie… down… zzzzzzzzzz Yes. We’re designed to fall over, usually once every time the earth rotates, and curl up.… … Continue reading