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This Video Will Have Your Mom in Tears – in the Best Way!

“Last year, the night before my son’s 5th grade graduation, I had a meltdown because my children are growing up too quickly. I sat down at my piano and wrote a song about it, through oceans of tears. I guess I’m not alone.” – Nichole Nordeman This video has resonated with so many amazing mothers. This is for you. Happy Mother’s Day. … Continue reading

If You Don’t Slow Down Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

You’re busy. I’m busy. We are ALL busy! However living a busy life is not as dangerous as living a hurried life. Living a busy life reminds us that we NEED God, while living a hurried life causes us to be unavailable to God. When we are hurried, we are never fully present in any moment. We use technology and our schedules to distract us from life and from God. When I’m hurried I cannot be… … Continue reading