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Why You Are Not a Failure If You Battle Anxiety Over and Over

“If I had stronger faith I would have already beat this thing!” Have you ever felt that way about your own struggle? Rock star, Jen Ledger has. She has faced anxiety and crippling panic attacks over and over again. It was such an honor to sit down and hear her story, because I am currently battling anxiety and it feels like every time I think it’s over the panic comes back. Her message is to… … Continue reading

The Perfect Songs to Combat Your Anxiety

Anxiety is something that I wish I could leave behind in 2018, but something I have found that truly helps is music. The right song lyrics combined with the sound can sooth my body and mind when I’m overwhelmed and nearing a panic attack. I’ve gathered together songs that have helped me most. I am declaring that this year will be better when it comes to your anxiety and to mine with the help of… … Continue reading

Why Marriage Won’t Complete You

What I wouldn’t give to go back to the final scene in the movie “Jerry Maguire” and change Tom Cruise’s romantic line, “I love you…you complete me!” WHY? Because it’s unhealthy and untrue. There. I like that line a lot better. It’s so unfair how the movies that make us swoon and tear up with sweet emotion often carry messages that leave us confused when we do fall in love. 1. Your Spouse Cannot Complete You.… … Continue reading

The One Lie You Believe That Keeps You From Being Confident

She has got it all. You know the girl. The one with perfectly manicured nails, the flawless makeup, the body that looks like she never leaves the gym, and the man who seems like prince charming on her arm. We look at this girl and we quickly notice that we are NOT this girl. We know our mess and our flaws. But something in us wants to be her. We figure she must be so happy with… … Continue reading

Jamie Grace Shows You How to Fight When Life Gets Rough

“I’ve come to realize, everybody’s gonna go through something big. Everybody’s gonna have something difficult in their life. But the beauty of it is that no matter how big that stuff is, God is always bigger. And He’s always in control.” – Jamie Grace Wise words from Jamie Grace. In the video below, Jamie shares how she fights through her struggle with Tourette Syndrome and how God has used her story to encourage others and… … Continue reading

Enduring Through Suffering

How often do we put time constraints on how God can work in our lives? I do this all the time and just realized that I even put restrains on how long I will “allow” Him to let me suffer. We KNOW from the Bible that suffering will be a part of our journey. We KNOW that the Christian life is not easy, however we never expect that it will be in God’s plan for us… … Continue reading

Wally and Jason Gray Talk About the Biggest Lie in Christianity

Everything’s ok. Except… sometimes it’s just not. A lot of times, Christians want to encourage other believers through hard times. They just want to fix the problems, point out the silver lining, and tell us it’s ok. But this isn’t always the best or most honest way to handle hard times. The phrase, “Everything’s ok” is often a lie. “I don’t think we do grieving very well. I don’t think we allow those around us… … Continue reading


Ever wonder why you have to struggle? Why God doesn’t just take away the things in our lives that make us fall flat on our faces? Like that pride issue that creeps into every argument making you always have to be right, regardless of who you may hurt… Or that online addiction that has creeped into your marriage taking your eyes and desires away from the one you gave your heart to… Or that vanity… … Continue reading