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Want to Be Famous? You Don’t get There by Following Your Dreams.

When asked how to become successful, Tauren Wells doesn’t give an answer that you might expect. He knows the Christian music industry. He was part of a band called Royal Tailor, now has his own solo project that you can hear on WAY NEW. He spoke to a group of teens at Camp Electric about how to become famous and why following your dreams isn’t the answer.   Tauren said, “People ask me that dumb question:… … Continue reading

Why Following Your Dreams Isn’t a Good Thing

Almost a year ago, I was caught in the endless maze of “following my dreams.” I wanted to be a famous singer/songwriter, and many of my friends told me, “Follow your heart,” “Do it while you’re young!,” and “Take a leap of faith!” Everytime I heard one of these well-meaning motivational quotes, I’d nod my head and think, “Yeah! I got this.” The problem was… I didn’t have it. For over a year, my wife… … Continue reading

5 Surprising Secrets to for King & Country’s Big Success

for King & Country may still be considered new to the Christian music scene, but they’ve been met with undeniable success. Brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone have performed multiple times on national television, won two Grammys, and brought down the house at Winter Jam, while continuing to encourage their fans with music and gratitude – and this was just in the past 4 months.   The guys recently gave us a glimpse into their personal… … Continue reading

If Jesus Had a Blog: What Success Looks Like

Going to be a short blog entry today. LOTS of stuff going on. Things are way tense. Anyway, having some tough conversations. I had to turn to the guys, and make some things very clear: “If anyone wants to come with me, he must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.“  And then I said: “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life, because of me,… … Continue reading