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Summer SHOWdown Game 3: Wheelbarrow Minefield!

Which WAY-FM on-air team won the competition??? It’s the FINAL game in our WAY-FM Summer SHOWdown…the wheelbarrow minefield. Watch the video, and look below for instructions on bringing this summer fun to your backyard! Here’s how you can play at home: 1. Choose a partner to be your wheelbarrow, a strong one like Kelly did, to make their way through the minefield. The wheelbarrow partner is blindfolded. 2. Make your way down the messy minefield,… … Continue reading

Summer SHOWdown Game #1: Color War

It’s game #1 of our WAY-FM Summer SHOWdown where the Wally Show is taking on CJ & Joy and Kelly! In this first game, things got VERY competitive and a little bit messy. If you want to play at home with your family, here’s what you’ll need! Colored Powder (the kind you’d typically use for a gender reveal) Shoe Store Footies Rope or something else to define your boundaries White shirts so you can tell… … Continue reading