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Learn How to Make Delicious and Healthy Game Day Snacks That Even Wally Likes

If you’re excited about the game this weekend but a little unsure on what snack to bring to the party that’ll meet everyone’s dietary restrictions, Callie from Luv Cooks is here to help! With absolutely no help from Wally, she taught us how to make healthy and delicious nachos, popcorn toppings, and peanut butter cups. Plus, Wally made her try his own concoction that was made of mostly bacon. … Continue reading

5 Things This Family In Ecuador Has In Common With The Super Bowl

This year’s Super Bowl between the Eagles and Patriots will be the most watched sporting event in the United States. However, in Ecuador, they think it’s crazy that we throw a “football.” Even though people in Ecuador could care less about our big game, there are a few similarities I noticed while visiting one family. 1. The Underdog No one is picking The Eagles to beat The Patriots this year but almost everyone would love… … Continue reading

See Joy’s Eggcelent Payback for Miscalculating the Big Game

Every year Joy predicts the outcome of the big football game by smashing an egg on her head. Every year Joy has been correct until now! This year she chose a Panthers egg and it was hard boiled, meaning that the Panthers would win. Unfortunately, her mistake means that she must get a raw egg smashed on her head as punishment. However, Carlos decided to be gracious and give her a chance to get out… … Continue reading

Sidewalk Prophets Gave the Best Halftime Show Ever

During the halftime show of the Big Game on Sunday, you probably ate more food, goofed around with family and friends, or maybe even watched Katy Perry perform on TV. But for Sidewalk Prophets and their fans, this was all way too normal. Instead of traditional halftime festivities, the band challenged their Twitter and Instagram followers to post their funniest face using the hashtag #swpfunnyface for a chance to win tickets to their upcoming Great… … Continue reading

Carlos Gets Egg On His Face

Carlos decided to test Joy’s “football knowledge” and have her predict the Super Bowl by smashing an egg on her head. Since she was correct and the Patriots won, he now has to pay for doubting her by smashing an egg on his head.   … Continue reading