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Throwback Thursday: David Crowder Shaves Wally?

David Crowder may be famous for his hair, but Wally isn’t far behind. Both are pretty distinct, yes?   Back before Wally was even a morning show, David Crowder actually shaved Wally’s facial hair however he wanted to during an interview. You can watch it for yourself right here. … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Artist Instagram Edition

Let’s travel back in time! Whether it’s a few weeks or a few years ago, we think you’ll enjoy these throwbacks straight from the Instagram of some of your favorite Way-FM artists. 1. Aaron Shust’s early guitar playing It’s hard to believe that the Aaron in this picture hadn’t even recorded “My Savior, My God” yet. The future may not look like you ‘re expecting, but God can do cool things through people who trust… … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Live (Service) Out Loud

Steven Curtis Chapman’s recent performance at Carnegie Hall in New York City tells us he’s still going strong. But remember back when Steven, like Way-FM, challenged you to share your joy in Christ and “La la la la live out loud?” You can Live (Service) Out loud in your community with us on June 21st! Check out our Live (Service) Out page for details about how you can make a difference. And while you learn more… … Continue reading

#tbt Jars of Clay “Flood”

Jars of Clay’s first single propelled them into the spotlight of American culture, not just CCM. They’ve continued to make great music that is challenging and comforting, but none of their other songs have seen the success of “Flood.” … Continue reading