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Want the Scoop on Jordan Feliz’s Unbelievable (and True) Love Story?

You hear Jordan Feliz sing “The River” on WAY-FM, but did you know he has a crazy love story? We sent Rob to take Jordan for a little ride in the WAY-FM car. He got the scoop and helped us get to know the man behind the music a little better.   ROB: Tell me about how you got involved in music… JORDAN: When I was probably in second grade, I started playing piano. As… … Continue reading

Hear The Incredible Message Jordan Feliz Sings To His Daughter In This Song

Jordan Feliz joins me on the More Than The Music Podcast to share the stories from his debut album, “The River.”        Jordan shares the message he wrote in this song for his daughter before she was even born. It was a song that was specifically written for my daughter… I just kept thinking about… She was going to grow up in this world that was going to tell her stuff like she’s not… … Continue reading

What Happens When an Artist Hears Their Song on the Radio for the First Time?

Jordan Feliz is a brand new WAY-FM artist, but if you walk around the WAY-FM office, you’ll already hear us talking about how much love his song, “The River.” But even more than that, we love his heart. The first time Jordan heard “The River” playing on the the radio was on WAY-FM. He said, “Not gonna lie, came about this close to crying. God is so so good my friends.” And he even documented… … Continue reading