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Advice For My Daughter As She Heads Off To College

I knew this day was going to come, and I truly am happy for my daughter as she heads off to college to become her own person.  However, there is some sadness that comes along with this as I will miss just being around her.  She and I had a great moment together last night, and she was the one crying and didn’t want to let me go.  As a father, it doesn’t get much… … Continue reading

Your Stories: Janell

One of the greatest privileges as a radio station is to give encouragement to someone when life isn’t going the way they’d planned; to have a real, honest discussion that lets them know they’re not alone in the fight, and that they WILL make it through it. Janell has such a story about the Wally Show: “I wanted to say THANK YOU to Zach and Wally for talking about the grief in losing a child. I have had six pregnancies with… … Continue reading

Learn all the behind the scenes secrets of The Wally Show

We were bored while Wally was out one day, so we decided to do a Periscope tour of The Wally Show Global Headquarters. (Follow @wallyshow on Periscope to catch our live streams.)   [wdca_ad ]   Here’s one more behind the scenes nugget for anyone who nerds out over stats like Zach. Check out how much of the tour each country watched. We bored the U.K. to death, but the Netherlands couldn’t get enough! Geography Average view duration Average… … Continue reading