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How do You Speak Life?

Your words are powerful. You may not think so, but what you say to the people around you makes a big difference. With one sentence, you can give the exact encouragement someone needs or knock them down in discouragement. tobyMac says it so clearly in the song, “Speak Life.” “Watch them come alive as soon as you speak hope, You speak love, you speak life” – tobyMac, Speak Life Wally experienced this first hand. He… … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Artist Instagram Edition

Let’s travel back in time! Whether it’s a few weeks or a few years ago, we think you’ll enjoy these throwbacks straight from the Instagram of some of your favorite Way-FM artists. 1. Aaron Shust’s early guitar playing It’s hard to believe that the Aaron in this picture hadn’t even recorded “My Savior, My God” yet. The future may not look like you ‘re expecting, but God can do cool things through people who trust… … Continue reading