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Why Love & The Outcome Ripped Up Their To-Do List And You Should Too.

Jodi and Chris from Love & The Outcome join me on Episode 51 of the “More Than The Music Podcast” to share the stories from their album, “These Are The Days,” and why they decided to get rid of their to-do lists.           Not only has ripping up their to-do list allowed them to noticed more of God’s “little” miracles, but it also inspired their brand new song, “If I Don’t… … Continue reading

Out and About

  There are so many Events, Festivals, Concerts and Happenings  around the Great Northwest we can’t keep up. SOOOO we ask you! If you know of a something coming up that you want to let us know about fill out the form below and share it with us all.  Click away! … Continue reading

10 Things Every Thanksgiving Host Should Know

Thank you RELEVANT MAGAZINE for saving the day with this post! Remember: It’s About the Gathering, Not About the Food. This is the most important thing to keep in mind. I know Thanksgiving might be the most food-driven of all holidays, but the people are always more important than the food. The gathering is what’s significant—that’s what you remind yourself when the turkey’s taking forever or the stuffing’s dry. And it’s TRUE. Stay Classic. This… … Continue reading

Wally’s vacation To Do list

I am on vacation this week, but I have a hard time sitting around.  Here is my to do list at the start of the week.  I will post the list again at the end to see just how much I got knocked out. Wally’s Vacation to do list: 1. Finish creating games and buy props for Wally Jolly Christmas tour. 2. Clean clothes out of closet and armoire to donate 3. Paint and distress… … Continue reading