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Remembering Toby Mac’s Son with 5 Thoughts on Child Loss

Today, (Oct. 23, 2020) is the one year anniversary of the passing of Toby Mac’s oldest son Truett. I cannot imagine what it takes to deal with this kind of heart breaking loss all the while still having to maintain a public persona in which people look to you to get them through their problems. However, if anyone was built to handle this pain and still love on people it would most certainly be Toby… … Continue reading

The Most Interesting Artists of 2016

Every year we compile a list of some of the most interesting artists in Christian music. We hear their songs on the radio, but there’s so much more to them than just a hit song. Here is this years full list! NF   Who is NF? Maybe ask your kids, but Nathan “Nate” Feuerstein from Gladwin, Michigan has been making waves for a while now. This year though he took it to another level with “Therapy Session”… … Continue reading

Did You See This Huge Announcement from TobyMac?

Haven’t heard too much from tobyMac recently – until now! He just posted some pretty cool new album artwork to Instagram with a caption saying, “THIS IS NOT A TEST.” Turns out, this is the name of his new album coming August 7th of this year. ***THIS IS NOT A TEST*** TOBYMAC New album – August 7. ***THIS IS NOT A TEST*** A photo posted by TobyMac (@officialtobymac) on Apr 27, 2015 at 12:02pm PDT… … Continue reading

Brand New Music from TobyMac You Probably Need to Hear

The world stops and takes note when TobyMac releases new music. Thankfully, it’s always music we can really get behind. The brand new song, “Beyond Me” is no exception! Toby tweeted out a quick explanation of the new song saying he wants to live beyond the things he thinks he can handle. The new song is about trusting God with the parts of life that seem beyond you. There are things in life I feel… … Continue reading