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Look Back on the Awesome Top 10 Christian Songs of 2015

I’m a firm believer in reflection. Looking back can help us see God’s story for our lives and remind us of the cool lessons we’ve learned. That’s why I’m excited to take a look back with you at your favorite WAY-FM songs of 2015! We asked, you chose, and we sang along to these top 10 all year long. And rightly so. They’re really good! 10. Francesca Battistelli – Holy Spirit   9. Matt Maher… … Continue reading

TOP Christmas Songs Off All Time

Let the debate begin! Here is THEE list of The Best Christmas Songs of ALL TIME!   #1. White Christmas :: This is one of, if not thee most covered Christmas song of all time. It has been released by more artists than any other and has outsold nearly every Christmas song ever made. #2. The Christmas Song :: Again, this is another of the most covered Christmas songs of all time, however this holds… … Continue reading

10 Things Every Dad Worries About

When you sign up to be a dad, you’re signing up for 18 years of intense stress and worrying.  Followed by slightly less stress and worrying . . . but still a lot of stress and worrying . . . until you die.  Goooooo parenting! lol!  A new survey found the top 10 things that new dads worry about most.  Check ’em out. 1.  Having teenage daughters who are dating. 2.  Braiding ponytails. 3.  Providing… … Continue reading