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5 Christmas Podcasts For Your Holiday Travels

Taking a holiday road trip? Checkout these five Christmas Editions of the More Than The Music Podcast. More Than The Music Episode 59 Featuring Mike, Jeff, and Jason from Tenth Avenue North   More Than The Music Episode 58 Featuring Mark Hall from Casting Crowns   More Than The Music Episode 30 Featuring Lauren Daigle   More Than The Music Episode 29 Featuring Dave Frey from Sidewalk Prophets   More Than The Music Episode 28 Featuring… … Continue reading

The Ultimate Foodie Bucket List

A gastronomical bucket list of epic proportions…or portions. haha!   Carlos here and I love being a foodie. Trying foods from all over is fun and the flavors you find are rarely duplicated. Talk to anyone who’s ever lived in New York City and ask them to try some NYC styled pizza from anywhere else…9 times out of 10 they’re gonna say, “Not even close…get outta here with that!” (or at least that’s how they… … Continue reading

Road Trips

This was supposed to be an easy trip home to see the family but the trip turned out to be anything but… 1. My first leg of the trip was only supposed to be about a 4 hour drive. It took more than 6. 2. I got sick. Not the deathly, I-can’t-drive-take-me-to-a-hospital kind of sick…but the just bad enough to make the drive miserable, sick. 3. The second leg was fine (8 hours worth of… … Continue reading