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5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Surrendering to God

“The pathway to peace is to day by day surrender our life to Jesus Christ.” – Chad Mattson from Unspoken You may already know that surrendering to God is a really good thing, but when’s the last time you thought about what it truly means to give your life away to God? They guys from Unspoken get things exactly right in their song “Lift My Life Up.” Here are 5 important reminders from the song… … Continue reading

Live Out Your Faith Like Unspoken and Jonny Diaz

We love coming alongside you in your community and lending a hand to anyone who’s in need. Doing what we can to live out our faith and really be the love of Christ to others is super important to us and we think it’s super cool how you guys have embraced it! And you know what else is cool? Our WAY-FM artists get it, too! Jonny Diaz and Unspoken partnered with WAY-FM by putting on… … Continue reading