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3 Amazing Last Minute Valentines Gifts From a So Called Love Expert

Hey there! I’m CJ & I hope you’re not allergic to awesome, cause the below list might send you to the hospital! TIP 1: B-Line to the Kitchen Store & purchase your love a brand new Cheese-Grater! Leave the note below to elevate the romance to a higher level!     “Your love is GRATER than the rest…”     TIP 2: Mosey on over to Barnes & Noble & ask them to find you… … Continue reading

The Best Valentines Day Gifts for Each Love Language

Loving your significant other well is as easy as learning what fills their emotional cup up the most and focusing on that. We all have a primary and secondary love languages. If you want to discover what yours is then take the free quiz. Words of Affirmation 1. Write a letter telling them just how much they mean to you. This is actually what I am choosing to do for my husband this year since words… … Continue reading

How to Overcome Your Inner Valentine’s Grinch

“Do you want to come over and make valentines?” I had to read my friend’s message twice to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Sure enough, though, she was inviting another friend and me to her house for a card-making party. I was almost thirty years old . . . surely too old for cutting out paper hearts. And I certainly wasn’t the crafty type. But then there was the biggest issue: I didn’t have… … Continue reading

The Top 5 Christian Songs Celebrating Love and Romance

Hey, Christians, let’s not be afraid to celebrate love and romance! It’s a God-given gift to reflect His love for us. Here are 5 perfect songs for Valentines Day written by fellow believers in God AND marriage! 1. Jonny Diaz – “Thank God I Got Her” This song came from a conversation with a buddy of his. “I was talking about all these things that confused me about my wife and at the end of… … Continue reading

14 Simple Ways to Show You Care

We asked you to tell us about a time you felt loved. Here’s 14 ways to love, as told by our readers. 🙂 1. Happy Just Because Day! “The nicest thing someone has done for me was to give me a gift. It was on a random day and I was so surprised and enjoyed the gift.” 2. Communicate Regularly “When we were dating, my husband didn’t have a house phone so he would drive down the road to a pay phone… … Continue reading