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Registering to Vote is Easier Than you Think!

Maybe, you are new to Florida and you haven’t registered to vote yet. Or perhaps, you just never got around to filling out the complicated paperwork.   Check here to see if you are currently a registered voter in Florida?   Either way, it’s doesn’t take a lot of time and it isn’t very hard to register. The deadline to register is October 8th, so if you want to vote in this year’s election make… … Continue reading

You Can Vote and Choose Joy’s New Car Name

After totaling my beloved car “Blue Steel”(RIP), I grieved and struggled with the thought of driving a different vehicle, but then I found this adorable Honda. The only problem is that it does not have a name. I feel like I’ve been driving around in a stranger for weeks! Your vote will determine the name so it’s up to YOU!     … Continue reading

Who Wore It Better: Wally or Bekah?

When Bekah first received her new eyebrow makeup, it was a little terrifying. We weren’t sure if she applied it wrong, or if the product itself is inherently flawed. So we decided to let Wally try it out to see if he could rock the fierce brows more effectively. Vote below for who you think wore it best! In case you were wondering, this is how Wally ended up with his unibrow: … Continue reading

Carlos and Joy Share Why You Should Vote

Election day is almost here and even though you may be ready to get it over with, we are hoping that you take the time to cast your vote. No matter who you vote for, it is important to take advantage of that right and privilege to LIFT THE VOTE! Find out why your vote matters at … Continue reading