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Which Overused Word Should We Ban?

There are a lot of words or phrases in pop-culture that can feel overused or even annoying. Every year, Lake Superior State University posts a list of those words that we should ban, and this year’s list included “Guestimate,” “Dadbod,” and “On Fleek.” We decided to add to the list with words that annoy us. Which word or phrase would you ban? If you think one is missing from the list, let us know in the… … Continue reading

See the Disgusting Outcome of Today’s Vote

On a day of serious voting about important matters, we wanted to give you a chance to vote on something a little less significant: Should Wally have to drink a vegetable smoothie or get electrocuted by a dog shock collar? (Hear us talk about it on today’s show.) The votes are in (despite misspelling ‘smoothie’ in the poll…), and here you go: Wally attempts to drink a smoothie.   … Continue reading

6 Political Points We Can All Agree On

As a political junky, I (Zach) have always loved election seasons. In college I threw parties to watch debates and election night results. (Yep I’m that kind of nerd.) But in the new age of social media, political seasons are exhausting. Opinions surround us, and they’re seldom shared with grace or humility. How should I as a Christian influence the discussion? What is my obligation to the process, both as an American in a democracy… … Continue reading

Why You’ll Be Seeing Jordan Feliz at the Polls This Year

Why should someone vote? Jordan Feliz has something to say to his fellow millennials about that topic.   “I’ve heard a lot of friends, because I’m a millennial, saying… ‘Does it really matter?’ It does matter! … You have the freedom to go out and be a change.” – Jordan Feliz   See who else wants to Lift the Vote!   … Continue reading

Does God Care About Politics?

“And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting his opponents with gentleness.” – 2 Timothy 2:24-25 Does God care about politics? Well, a better question might be, “Why wouldn’t He care?” He cares about everything concerning us, our daily lives, peace on the earth, justice and truth. He also cares about nations. In fact, He came up with the idea in the first place.… … Continue reading

3 Myths That Stop Christians From Voting

Four years ago, “political zealot” severely understated my fanaticism for a certain presidential candidate. I posted personal blogs about his inherent virtues. I started polite dinner conversation with, “So, who are you guys voting for?” And I donated a healthy amount of dead presidents to his active presidential marketing campaign. I was “that guy.” You know, “that guy” who goes to a political rally, “that guy” who somehow coerces multiple friends into joining him at… … Continue reading

Vote now and win a Wally Jolly Christmas T-Shirt This December, we’re hitting the road with Sidewalk Prophets and Citizen Way for the inaugural Wally Jolly Christmas Tour, sponsored by Colorado Christian University (that’s where Wally teaches). Every tour needs great tour t-shirts, so help us pick the best shirt designs and you could win the first shirt off the presses.   Sponsored by   … Continue reading