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How I Lied on My Instagram

This was my morning instagram photo.   Beautiful. Peaceful. Pristine. Breakfast with a perfect bible study… But also a LIE. Let us zoom in a little:   Yep! There is a nasty bug in my water and what you can’t see are the dozen of other bugs that I was fighting off while simply trying to read in peace! I very carefully angled this photo so you would NOT notice the swarm of bugs that… … Continue reading

Why We Need to Love Like Jesus

Joy  here and I didn’t expect to end up in an hour conversation with my friend Karen this weekend when I asked her how she was doing. I didn’t expect her to break down crying. I didn’t expect her to say that she has been lonely and depressed for weeks. She seemed fine. But don’t we all try to appear FINE when life gets tough? We put on a mask and try to go about… … Continue reading