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Trusting God When Your Prayers Feel Unanswered

Sometimes, life doesn’t go as we’ve planned. The test results come back—and they’re not good. The relationship ends. The money doesn’t come in. Infertility lingers. The dream doesn’t come true. So what do we do when it feels like our prayers go unanswered? When the things we’ve been asking God to fix for so long remain broken or unclear? After my own twenty-year journey of praying the same prayer and not (yet) seeing it answered,… … Continue reading

Waiting on the Lord is Like My Daughter’s Loose Tooth

Do you remember your first loose tooth? Wiggly, staring, pressing your tongue to push it outward in hopes it would fall out. Eating apples in hopes it would show up attached somewhere on the core. Waiting. Staring. Waiting some more.. It’s quite a monumental event. Losing teeth, growing up it is a right of passage – baby teeth move out while grown up teeth move in. I remember I would freak out every time I’d… … Continue reading

What Do I Do When My Plans Don’t Work Out?

“What do I do now?” For a lot of us, it’s a question that marks more than a moment — it marks a season. We find ourselves in a place we never meant to be in, a place that looks completely different from what we’d planned for our lives. And we don’t know what to do. Sometimes that means you’re single and you thought you’d be married by now. Sometimes it means you thought you’d… … Continue reading

4 Things You Need to Remember When God Makes You Wait

You’re about to take a leap into the next phase of life. You have a beautiful plan, dreams you can’t shake, and people backing you. The big moment comes and… Nothing happens. This was me the month after I graduated college. I had done everything “right.” Good grades, great resume, friendships and connections in my chosen field, etc. Even so, internships fell through at the last minute. Employers who praised me in the interview brushed… … Continue reading