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Remembering Toby Mac’s Son with 5 Thoughts on Child Loss

Today, (Oct. 23, 2020) is the one year anniversary of the passing of Toby Mac’s oldest son Truett. I cannot imagine what it takes to deal with this kind of heart breaking loss all the while still having to maintain a public persona in which people look to you to get them through their problems. However, if anyone was built to handle this pain and still love on people it would most certainly be Toby… … Continue reading

The Rumors About Stars Go Dim Are Finally Put To Rest

We put Chris, from Stars Go Dim, in the hot seat to address some rumors ans speculations we have heard about him. In  addition to sharing how Wally altered a Stars Go Dim song, that Chris says, “You can’t Un-hear,” they also talked about why there are not more love songs from Christian artists. Chris explained, “I want people to connect with me and if they don’t think I am living in the real world… … Continue reading

The Wally Bowl

Everyone loves bowling! It’s the perfect group activity! And since The Wally Show will already be in town for the Wally Jolly Christmas Tour – we figured why not throw a party?! A bowling party! We’re going to draw 1 winner every morning from December 8-12! You and 4 friends will join us December 12th from 5-8 at Capital Lanes in Tallahassee for the Wally Bowl! You’ll get to hang out with the Wally Show and… … Continue reading

Rubber Band Magic Trick Revealed

Zach refused to show me how he did his rubber band magic trick.  So, I went to where I learn I go to learn everything…Youtube.  This guy is my new best friend.  See if you can master this simple but cool rubber band magic trick.   … Continue reading