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Have You Ever Seen Wally Get His Hands Dirty Like This?

If your house was on fire imagine the sense of relief you would have as you saw a fire truck coming around the corner. Seeing a drill rig pull into the village provides the same feeling for the people of Zambia who do not have safe water, because they know help is on the way. They know that their incredible thirst will soon be quenched. Today was an amazing day as I got the opportunity… … Continue reading

What Makes You Most Happy? Clean Water or Your iPhone?

Today was such a cool day and yet so frustrating to me. We went out to a drill rig to see a new well being dug. (My honey even got to help!) The really neat part is that, not only will a community get to use this, but it’s been placed right next to a school that was built in 2001. The frustrating thing is that just 200 feet from the school, you can see… … Continue reading

Here’s What Happens When Water Is Scarce

Everywhere we go in Zambia, we gather quite a crowd.  The kids follow us and, sometimes, are chased by us. I am guilty of that one. As we walk along the dirt paths in their village, we often stop to talk to the families about their different situations and more specifically about their water needs, since that is what Blood Water does best. Most will say, “we need safe water so our kids will not… … Continue reading