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  Is it true? Helpful? My place to say? Three questions we have tried as a family to ask ourselves before speaking. My mom used to say, “Those words would taste bitter if you had to swallow them.” She would remind me that words are like toothpaste from a tube; it’s really difficult to take them back. I guess I had an issue with words when I was a teenager. I still do. I work REALLY… … Continue reading

Which Overused Word Should We Ban?

There are a lot of words or phrases in pop-culture that can feel overused or even annoying. Every year, Lake Superior State University posts a list of those words that we should ban, and this year’s list included “Guestimate,” “Dadbod,” and “On Fleek.” We decided to add to the list with words that annoy us. Which word or phrase would you ban? If you think one is missing from the list, let us know in the… … Continue reading

You Were a Mistake

Sometimes, a few scattered letters that are formed into words, strung together in a sentence, and spoken in anger can destroy someone’s life. Our words have power. However, they also have the power to build someone up and help them accomplish even more than they thought was possible. This is the story of one boy and the two people speaking words into his life. One spoke words of hurt, but the other chose to use… … Continue reading

6 Words To NEVER Call Your Man

Yesterday, the ladies chimed in with their list of words to NEVER use when describing them…words like: Hormonal Diva Drama Queen High Maintenance Motherly Princess Today, we’ve got the words to NEVER use when describing your man! Since we never want to be called… Cute : Puppies are cute. Babies are cute. Men are MANLY. Sweet : We can be sweet, we can do sweet things, but don’t call us sweet. Boring : If you’re feeling like we… … Continue reading

Vote for the Best New Dictionary Word

In an effort to keep the English language relevant, Oxford English Dictionary routinely adds new words. They just added a short list of very scientific and necessary words such as, “YOLO,” “Swirlie,” “Clickbait,” and “‘Merica.” We decided that they may have left a few words out, so we came up with our own words to be added to the dictionary. Vote below for your favorites! Listen to see whose word you voted for! … Continue reading

Sometimes There Are No Words

Sometimes there is just nothing to say. There are some things that happen in life that words won’t heal. There are some things that take our breath away that only silence can breathe life back into our lungs. They are the things of life that are beyond someone giving a kind word, a positive hopeful thought, a story of so and so who went through this and that and made it through, a good sermon,… … Continue reading

14 Awesome New Words You Need To Start Using Right Now

Need some words that are guaranteed to make you sound cooler? Read through them and vote for the one you think we can all get to actually catch on. Take it to the next level by using the word in a tweet. Use #wallyshow and we’ll compile the best tweets. Wally’s Gerber Ganging (v.): When you can’t get past moms with strollers at the mall. “I am so sorry I was late meeting you at Sabarro,… … Continue reading

How to Speak the Truth Without Being Critical

A few years ago, my friend Gabe Lyons and Dave Kinnamon wrote unChristian, a sobering commentary on Christianity’s decline in the West due to departure from the biblical vision to engage a secular world with grace and love. Similarly, Philip Yancey wrote in What’s So Amazing about Grace: When I ask people, “What is a Christian?” they don’t usually respond with words like love, compassion, grace; usually they describe a person who’s anti-something. Jesus was… … Continue reading

Find Out If Your Words Are This Powerful

At 10 years old, Nathalie carries herself with confidence and intelligence. She was the girl who knew all the steps in her dance group, was chosen to speak in public about the progress of her class, and could intrigue you with one look of those dark eyes. You can tell she’s a special kid. Her story? Well… She shares a tiny home with nine family members. Her father was killed in a cross-fire between two… … Continue reading