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Hillsong Worship Shares Why Worship Music Should Be Taken Seriously

Brooke Ligertwood and Ben Fielding from Hillsong Worship join me on Episode 35 of the More Than The Music Podcast to tell the stories behind their album, “Let There Be Light,” and why worship music should be taken seriously. Subscribe through iTunes | Subscribe through Google Play | Subscribe Using the RSS Feed Brooke and Ben share the strenuous process that each song goes through before it’s ever sung. It’s costly. We don’t just kinda sit around going, “Oh,… … Continue reading

Music Draws Emotion Even If You Can’t Understand It

There’s a feeling you get when you hear your favorite song. Maybe it causes you to tap your toe or the steering wheel. Maybe it causes you to sing out loud or you start to cry. Maybe it leads you to worship or reminds you that God is with you. Music draws emotion. And the amazing thing is, you can feel that emotion even when you don’t know the words. I can only make out… … Continue reading

Steven Curtis Chapman Wants To Be In This Gospel Group?

Steven Curtis Chapman joins me on the More Than The Music Podcast to share the stories behind his latest album, “Worship and Believe.” Subscribe through iTunes | Subscribe through Google Play | Subscribe Using the RSS Feed Steven admits that he knows every word to every Imperials song and would love to start an Imperials Cover Band. He even sang along with Warren Barfield and the guys in Third Day recently on their tour bus. ….and sometimes @thewarrenbarfield joins in the… … Continue reading

An American guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of African Church

We got to go to a traditional church service in a small village here in Rwanda and I can tell you it is very different from our services in the states. To help you understand it better I created a list of do’s and don’ts for an African church service. Don’t bring a watch. No one else has one or cares about beating the crowd to Chili’s. So, settle in. You are going to be… … Continue reading

2 WRONG Expectations Churches Place on Pastors

Pastors are not strangers to the expectations of church members. But are the expectations of church members Biblical mandates from God? Or are there certain expectations that we, as pastors and churches, have believed to be signs of a healthy church? What does the Bible require of a pastor? Paul’s famous charge to young Timothy is a good place to start: “I charge you therefore before God and the Lord Jesus christ, who will judge… … Continue reading

What Ever Happened to That Guy from the Newsboys with the Blonde Curly Hair?

If you’ve been into Christian music for a while, chances are, you’ve seen this guy’s picture over the years. His name is Phil Joel. You probably know his music from the Newsboys and solo project, too. But what’s he up to these days? Phil, along with four other guys, have formed the band, Zealand Worship, and play one of the newer favorites on WAY-FM called “Good Good Father.”   I’m just glad he kept those… … Continue reading

Will You Like the New Hillsong Worship Album?

Hillsong United has brought us many favorite songs like “Oceans” and  “Touch the Sky,” but they’re more than just one band. They have a ministry branching out to many parts of the world, a huge variety of musicians, churches, and all kinds of music centered around worshipping God. Ben Fielding is one of the branches of the Hillsong movement. He’s a worship pastor at Hillsong Church who has written many of the songs you probably love… … Continue reading

Hillsong’s New Video Shows You How to React to the Unexpected

I love this video tweet from Hillsong! The video features Taya – the voice you’ll know from their song, “Oceans.” As she steps up to play the keyboard, you’ll never guess what happens next. Sometimes things don’t go as planned – even for Hillsong United – and that’s ok. Hillsong writes: “We’re all human. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and don’t lose your sense of humour.”   Remember to laugh at mishaps and keep moving… … Continue reading

New Music Monday: “Open Up the Heavens”

Meredith Andrews loves singing this song in church, worshipping with a group of other believers. She says the church comes together with one common goal – to meet with the Lord. Our brand new WAY-FM song, “Open Up the Heavens” by Meredith Andrews is a great way to express that desire to have God come and meet us where we are. You can hear the story behind this song right from Meredith, then hear her… … Continue reading

Thoughts on “Beautiful Day” from Jamie Grace

You may find yourself tapping your foot or singing along to Jamie Grace’s latest song on Way-FM, but there’s more to it than just a catchy tune. The inspiration behind “Beautiful Day,” is a simple decision to choose joy – whatever you’re feeling. “Beautiful Day, although a fun song, has a message saying that in spite of what we’re going through, every day is a good day and an incredible gift because God made it. In… … Continue reading