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Married to the wrong person? This may help!

According to Scripture, Christians should never marry non-Christians. First Corinthians 7:39 is clear that we are “…free to be married to whom [we] wish, only in the Lord.” But even in Christian marriages, there are times when one might be tempted to think that he or she has married the wrong person. Courtney Reissig speaks wisdom into this topic in her recent article at The Gospel Coalition: Help, I Married the Wrong Person. Read more… … Continue reading

67 Surprising Things Not Found in the Bible; How Many Can You Guess?

A lot of things are found in the Bible, and some… not so much. For example “God helps those who help themselves.” If you thought you could find that passage in the Bible, you may want to look in Hezekiah 1:8 (for those still lost on this, Hezekiah isn’t a book)… Benjamin Franklin was the man behind that quote. Here are 66 other things you may have thought were in the Bible, but are actually… … Continue reading

You Think You Are Absolutely Right, But You Might Be Dead Wrong

You know the moments when you are so sure of yourself that you would argue your point into the ground! Then later you come to learn that you were wrong…yep, those are embarrassing moments! One year ago, I sat at Mike’s kitchen table arguing with him. Mike is like an adopted dad to me. He has always helped me in tough situations and shared his life wisdom with me, but this time I was sure… … Continue reading