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The 4 Things I Will Not Miss About Africa

I am always sad when I get ready to leave Africa. The people and experiences here are amazing, but there are 4 things I will not miss: 1. The urge to do dumb things There are so many opportunities to feel like a kid and do things that are not smart, like balancing on a small log over a contaminated water source, but I can’t help myself. Full disclosure, I did ask someone to hold… … Continue reading

Wally’s 3 Silly Prayers in Africa

It seems that with every trip I take to Africa with Blood:Water, a theme emerges. For this trip, that theme has definitely been prayer. I pray constantly throughout the day. I pray for the people we meet who are hoping God has answered their prayer and that we will help them. I pray for the event when we get home: that God will move everyone’s hearts to bring health and life to these amazing people.… … Continue reading

What Sadly Hasn’t Changed in 30 Years

A lot has happened in the last 30 years. We have seen literal walls come down, the internet now fits in our pocket, and a hoodie-wearing tech nerd became a billionaire. But sadly, there are places like the village of Kitunguru in Uganda that have seen very little change over that same 30 year time. It is almost like time has forgotten them. They still walk great distances, carry heavy jugs, and collect water from the… … Continue reading