celebrating some morgan family music with lorrie, her brother marty, son jesse, and daughter in law ashlee at the famed bluebird cafe! … Continue reading

I love getting the chance to spend some father/son time on the weekends. I took Colton plane watching at the airport…with a stop at Dunkin Donuts for a donut and chocolate milk. … Continue reading

So what’s in a name?  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have announced that their newborn baby girl has been named…wait for it…North.  So introducing…North West…to the world.  I think there seems to be almost a quiet competition from celebrities to create the most “unique” names for their kids and I can’t imagine that it would be much fun to be named “North West” your entire life.  Hopefully they gave her a great middle name.  Do… … Continue reading

Product description for the “Airzooka” Fun gun launches balls of air at your enemies Messes up hair, ruffle their clothes, blow away papers Needs no batteries, electricity, or ammo You know, for when your enemies only mortality is in perfectly straightened hair. … Continue reading

there’s nothing in life more terrifying than wearing a coat you’ve had since middle school and walking past 11 judgmental high school girls at Chipotle. except possibly slugs. ugh. slugs. … Continue reading