Meet my friend, Carlos!Today kicks off a new show on WAY-FM “Afternoons with Carlos and Joy!” Carlos is an awesome addition to the WAY-FM team! We couldn’t be more different, but we’ve already become fast friends. He has an amazing blend of life experiences that I have not had and his outlook on faith is engaging and exciting. He just moved here from Texas and is so excited to get to hang with you on WAY-FM.… … Continue reading

On behalf of the church, I’m sorry. This is what I wrote to a friend last night. I never thought I would need to apologize on behalf of the body of Christ but yesterday it was necessary. One of my old friends, (we’ll call him Steven), has walked away from Christianity. Steven looks at it as anti-intellectual and shared that he grew up in a church where he was never allowed to pose seriously questions… … Continue reading

I’ve even gone on a Sunday and sat in the drive through wondering why no one was waiting on me… … Continue reading

Trusting God during the storms of life. This is Katie and her husband. They are faithful WAY-FM listeners. I met them at a WAY-FM show this weekend and Katie shared that WAY-FM was her lifeline a few years ago when she was diagnosed with cancer. She is so young, so full of life, I can’t imagine how hard that time was when she learned that she had to battle such a deadly disease. She said… … Continue reading

Look at those faces! Waiting for you!We are calling these “Joy’s Boys.” There always seem to be more boys that need to be sponsored through Compassion International because the girls are sponsored so quickly. These little guys have been waiting a long time for someone to choose them! Would you consider sponsoring one of them for a little more than $1 a day providing an education, heath care, food, and hope for a better future. … … Continue reading

Will you consider sponsoring Yvenerson through Compassion International? The youngest children seem to go the fastest, but the older children have either lost their sponsor or have been waiting a very long time. It’s a little over a $1 a day to invest in Yvenerson’s life! Will you choose him and change his life today? … Continue reading

Give a child a chance to not only survive, but to grow up and change their country! It didn’t look like much. Just a fence built on a hill with some crosses above it, but I quickly found out that this hill holds pain for so many in Haiti. After the earthquake there were so many bodies that they had to have mass burials. This is one large grave outside the city for so many… … Continue reading

Hunger. I think it’s something we all rarely experience unless we choose it, but for many people in Haiti, hunger is their normal state. I learned today that most people in Haiti, if they are lucky, eat one meal a day! Just one! If I don’t have three meals a day then my stomach lets me know that it’s angry! Imagine you are a parent with several children and today is your third day in… … Continue reading

THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the Lego you sent for the kids in Haiti! We all leave in about a week with Compassion International for Haiti and we can’t wait to get your Legos into the hands of those kids! For more information on our trip or how you can sponsor a child in Haiti be listening to WAY-FM and check out! … Continue reading

Who wants to take the Empty Shelf Challenge with me this year? Author Jon Acuff is challenging you to read more! Simply empty a shelf in your home and the goal is to fill it completely by the end of the year with books that you read! Every year I decide to read more but rarely follow through. I think even looking at the empty shelf every day will remind me to get into some… … Continue reading