I got a letter from SANTA today; delivered right to my apartment! Clearly my brother cared enough to let me know where I live now:) Turns out I’m on the nice list this year!  … Continue reading

Does your phone look like this?! If so what happened? The actress, Juliette Lewis, revealed her iphone on Jimmy Fallon’s show this week and it’s shocking that it even still works! I’m always dropping my phone so I try to keep it in super protective cases! I’m always amazed at how destroyed phones can be and still function! Send me a photo of yours with what happened and I might just share your story on… … Continue reading

I actually made this! I know you are probably wondering what “this” even is. It may not look all that appetizing but my co-workers raved about it! They are called “Cookies and Cream Rice Crispy Treats!” The recipe was so easy that even I was able to make them without ruining them. I just had to share it with you! You will need: 6 cups Rice Krispy Cereal 25 Regular Oreos, chopped to your liking 1… … Continue reading

It’s an Ugly Sweater Christmas!I am desperately trying to find some ugly Christmas sweaters to wear to several themed parties this year. Have you ever worn one before? Where did you get your ugly sweater? Finding the perfect sweater that is just ugly enough is the key! I am new at this, but I must say this sweater and it’s EBAY description might be perfectly hilarous!  http://www.ebay.com/itm/231106921387 … Continue reading

Yep…This is always me! I’m learning that avoiding problems doesn’t make them go away. What?! I know right, I was shocked too 🙂 … Continue reading

This is what happens when you start ignoring Facebook and avoid your notifications for a while…#procrastinator #itkeepsgettingworse … Continue reading

I had a horrible nightmare last night that was both hilarious and terrifying!I made the horrible mistake of watching the zombie show “The Walking Dead” with some friends this weekend. Then last night I had a horrible nightmare in which the “Prancercise lady” from Youtube was a zombie and she was prancing after me!! Ha! Click on the photo to watch the video and you’ll understand why it was so scary…  Photo credit: Nicole Brochu… … Continue reading

I am LOVING Natalie Grant’s new album “Hurricane!” It’s a new sound for her with lots of variety, but the lyrics are what have grabbed me. Her song “Whisper” is about how God often speaks to us in a still, small voice. I am always looking for some sort of loud or easy answer from God when I seek Him. However, I’m so busy that I never slow down to listen for God’s still small… … Continue reading