Saw this on my way to work today! Ha! Apparently it’s hunting season. I grew up in a family of hunters but I never get used to it!#poordeer  … Continue reading

I used to be a waitress and I heard it all too often, “Look out for the Sunday crowd.” “They all come in after church and they always leave lousy tips!” Why is this said of Christians? Aren’t we suppose to be generous? How can be involved in homeless ministry giving people what they need in the community and yet not give our waiters what they DESERVE in pay after our meals? It’s so important… … Continue reading

Why Do We Love Those That Don’t Love Us Back?This blog really got me thinking today and encouraged me. We’ve all been there, felt the hurt when our love is not returned and yet we don’t understand it or know how to handle it.  This blogger finds a connection between unrequited love and the cross that astounds me! Knowing that you are not alone in your struggle can be the first step to handling it. … … Continue reading

Someone put a cactus in the refrigerator at the office and wrote a note saying it was for everyone to share…what?! Do people EAT cacti? Is this the latest vegetable craze that I missed? I’m pretty sure even if cacti was delicious I STILL wouldn’t go through the work of trying not to cut up my mouth to eat it! Have you ever heard of people eating cacti or do you think someone was just pranking… … Continue reading

No, I’m not a diva!But I might act like one today…It’s picture day today at WAY-FM. Yep, just like back in grade school. We all have to line up, stress about our hair looking perfect, then get our photo taken for WAY-FM promotional materials. I hate this. Like I REALLY hate this. I literally tried to get out of picture day, but they said NO!  I typical have no problem having my picture taken, but when… … Continue reading

Is your church friendly?Maybe an even more important question is: “Are you friendly at your church?” These are questions I had to ask myself after a rough church experience on Sunday. I am currently “church shopping” and if I’m honest, I hate it! It has been so hard to attend lots of different churches. Growing up as a pastor’s daughter, I am used to having a home church that is almost like family. I went… … Continue reading

I’m not a homemaker. I’m just not.The problem is, I wish I was. I especially wish this in a day when every woman’s past time seems to be DIY projects and amazing pinterest meals. I’m not good at these things. Surely, I can improve slightly, but this is not a God-given ability of mine. I recently visited the home of a friend named Talitha and I was memorized by the beauty of her pinterest perfect… … Continue reading