Mom and Dad Thanks For….

Mom and Dad Thanks For….When you think back to your childhood, there where probably countless things that your parents made you do that you hated! I was in charge of doing the family dishes as a little girl and I complained probably EVERY night! I remember trying to cram so many things into the dishwasher that I almost broke it because I loathed hand washing dishes and still do to this day! However, I’m thankful… … Continue reading

10 Things We Should Stop Posting on Facebook!

10 Things We Should Stop Posting on Facebook!Facebook has been getting on my nerves recently. Have you ever been scrolling through your news feed when you suddenly read something you never wanted to know about someone? Yep, me too! So many people are using it to share things that they should probably keep to themselves. I’m not saying that I’ve never done this, but I am trying to be better. Are you currently wondering if… … Continue reading

BE CONTENT! (I’m Preaching to the Choir)

BE CONTENT! (I’m Preaching to the Choir)I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” I’ve not only heard that saying but sadly I live it. I always think that when I get that next “thing” then everything will be better, look better, feel better. But then you get that “thing” and you discover that the grass is not in fact greener there, so you go looking for the… … Continue reading

tobyMac – Speak Life

tobyMac – Speak LifeAm I the only person that always puts her foot in her mouth? I never think before I speak, but rather after and end up apologizing A LOT! This song is a reminder that our words carry weight. We can heal or hurt with a simple word and yet we are not careful with our tongues. I have seen words destroy friends and even families. It’s time to not only guard my… … Continue reading

7-year-old writes Lego complaining about its lack of toys for girls 

7-year-old writes Lego complaining about its lack of toys for girls I love the spunk of this little girl! Next time I need something done I’m going to recruit her! It’s amazing that at such a young age she already noticed that the boy Legos got to have more adventures! I love that Lego is actually going to try to create more female Legos with careers. Even 7 years old can make a difference! … Continue reading

I think I’m never drinking soda again…

I think I’m never drinking soda again…I have always been a lover of Coca-Cola. I even think my roommate is obsessed with it. There is nothing like a good cold Coke with a meal, however this article made me realize how bad it is for our bodies. I try to limit my intake of soda, but this article has convinced me to swear off the stuff. If it can clean car batteries and take blood… … Continue reading