The hardest lesson I learned in 2013

The hardest lesson I learned in 2013On his blog, Jon Acuff recently shared the hardest lesson he learned in 2013. I feel like I learned lots of hard lessons last year, but the greatest one is:Trusting God and following His plan doesn’t necessarily make things easier. I don’t know where I heard it or when I started believing it, but I thought that when you obeyed God you were blessed. However, obedience to God is sort… … Continue reading

LEGO Love For Haiti

LEGO Love For HaitiWe are collecting Legos for our trip to Haiti with Compassion International. We would love to give some of the kids we meet! Legos are perfect because they inspire creativity and do not require batteries! If your child has extra Legos laying around, will you grab some, put them in a envelope and mail them to us here at WAY-FM? There is a time crunch on this because we need to receive the… … Continue reading

Don’t Share Your Resolutions!

Don’t Share Your Resolutions!I always thought that sharing your goals and resolutions for the year was a good thing! It creates peer pressure to maintain the goals right? FALSE!Reading this article made me decide to keep my resolutions to myself:) … Continue reading

Parenthood: It’s a beautiful, miserable mystery to me…

Parenthood: It’s a beautiful, miserable mystery to me…I babysat for a 1 year old and a 2 year old this weekend. I am not a mom at this point in my life and I think that babysitting was all the birth control I’m going to need for a LONG time! Ha! Children seem to be so much work and yet such a reward at the same time. It’s incredible the things parents have to go… … Continue reading